Painful periods – dysmenorrhea

Almost all and more than half of the women experience extreme pain during their first period and later in the life. The degree of pain may vary so do its symptoms in every women. The severity of the pain in some women is so deep that they feel contractions and crimpling one and halftime more powerful than labor pains. Some of the women take leave from work and cope with the situation by taking painkillers. Others just suffer and wait for the date to end, provided misconceptions that painkillers can cause infertility.

Symptoms of painful periods:
Teenage girls who are experiencing onset of menopause often suffer from dysmenorrhea more severely. These girls do not have enough knowledge to cope with the situation. It is duty of every mother as well as schoolteachers to give girls information so that they can understand what is happening inside their body.

Symptoms of painful periods are
 Diarrhea
 Constipation
 Vomiting
 Nausea
 Fainting
 Light headedness
 Dizziness
 Headaches
 Exhaustion
 Lethargy

Types of pain:
As the degree and severity of pain vary, women might suffer from two types of pain.
1. Congestive dysmenorrhea – constant and dull lower back pain
2. Spasmodic dysmenorrhea – pain like contraction and crumpling

Relax and take some rest:
Normally pain in any part of the body is an indication that there is something wrong, but in case of periods, this pain is not so dangerous. It is function of uterus and other female organs as well as hormones. Sometimes the pain is due to the deficiency of supplements like minerals, vitamin B6, B1, E, C and bioflavonoid. Instead of taking self-medication, consult your gynecologist. The doctor will suggest you what is best for you. Remember suppressing pain is not going to work, it will return on every due date. It is better to tackle with the root cause and get rid of the pain forever.


General information on newborn babies

Having a baby is a blessing no doubt, but this blessing often turns into mess if the parents are not prepared for what lies ahead. Newborn babies have some very special traits that they show. They have their own set timings. As they cannot express their needs, it is often hard for new parents to understand what they want. This situation is worse if both mother and father are working and there is no other helping hand available.

In this post, I will help you understand nature of your newborn. It is better to be prepared so that you can enjoy blessings of parenthood.
Responsibility:Newborn Babies are dependent on you for a long period of time. These small creatures are so vulnerable that they cannot control their own body; you have to help them in every possible aspect. Some parents think that this dependency is somehow very irritating. You have to forget everything and have to attend your baby 24/7, especially in the first few weeks after birth.
What to expect in your baby:Their own child can repel parents due to some behaviors that the parents think are odd. Some of the very common traits that every newborn baby shows are given below.
Crying:Every newborn baby cry, it’s a sign that your baby is normal and healthy. In early weeks, newborn babies cry for three hours in a day. Sometimes this time period may increase due to illness or any other reason.
It is not necessary that your child will not cry if you are carrying him or if he is well fed.
Nails of the babies:Nails of the newborn babies are very sharp they can scratch them on the skin. Trim nails of your baby when she is asleep, probably after bath when the nails are soft. Do not tear the nails. Use small scissors or nail cutters specially designed for newborn babies.
Belly button:Belly button of your newborn baby will take time in healing, no need to worry about that.